When is it necessary to hire a divorce lawyer in Sandy? 

If you are a resident of Utah, you probably know that the state allows both no-fault and fault-based divorces. However, no matter the circumstances, getting through a divorce can be overwhelming. If you live in Sandy, you should be aware of the legal intricacies of the local courts and ensure your paperwork is done right. While not mandatory, seeking help from an expert is always advisable. Here are some situations when hiring a Sandy divorce lawyer becomes almost compulsory.

When you are dealing with an uncooperative spouse

According to state laws, you must wait for at least 30 days to get a divorce in Utah. In the real world, courts are burdened with cases, and even when you are in agreement with your spouse, the process can take about six months. However, if your spouse decides to make things hard and doesn’t cooperate with you, you will need to consider the option of a default divorce, which can take time. Having an attorney on your side will ensure you don’t miss critical details.

When you are a victim of domestic violence

No one should have to deal with domestic violence, and in Utah, even a threat from your partner that they would harm you constitutes domestic violence. When your family’s safety and security are at stake, you should contact an attorney to help get you an emergency protective order. This may not entirely prevent the other party from harming you, but the consequences are higher. Also, you can ask for the temporary custody of your child.

When you have a high net worth

Having significant assets and investments can be a matter of concern because you don’t want to leave everything to fate. You have to work with a divorce lawyer who will advise you on things that are exempt from the divorce proceedings and offer insights on how to avoid common mistakes. If you and your spouse have significant assets jointly, you certainly need legal help.

When you want your child’s custody

Child custody battles between separating couples often get ugly, and both parties usually fail to understand the larger picture. It doesn’t matter who is correct, but you have to protect your child’s best interests at all times. When you have reasons to demand custody of your child, let your attorney fight for you.

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