Behind the Scenes: Understanding the Business Model of CSK Unlisted Shares

You may or may not be a CSK fan, but you should know behind the scenes how they make money to buy their unlisted shares from reputed online platforms. CSK, or Chennai Super Kings, is more than a cricket team with cool Dhoni as captain; it has the best business model to have many income streams. It is the reason that the unlisted CSK share price has been around 180 for more than a year after a steep rise of over 100 rupees from 2021 to 2022. And with rumours of CSK to come with an IPO in the future, though they have yet to be confirmed, it is a hidden treasure for investors to explore to reap huge profits. 

So, understand the business model of CSK unlisted shares and the behind-the-scenes of it making money for the 15 times rise of its price in the last five years and to rise more in the future. 

What is the business model of CSK’s unlisted shares?

CSK’s thrilling win over Gujarat Titans was so popular that it was seen by a record 32 million people worldwide. Not only was the cult of Dhoni’s captainship become famous, but also the business model of CSK. After the match, Forbes reported that CSK is the number one among the many IPL franchisees with increased brand identity and valuation. As of 2023, it has a brand valuation of 212 million dollars, which has risen 42% from its 2022 value of 146 million dollars. Such a steep rise in valuation, which is almost double, is only because of the unique business model of CSK’s unlisted shares. Apart from winning the prize money of 20 crore rupees for winning the IPL cup and selling tickets by participating in 12 playoffs and ten finals so far, there are other ways for CSK to earn money. Some include sponsorships, media rights, merchandise sales, unlisted shares, and others. 

What are the behind-the-scenes earnings of CSK’s business model?

As seen above, there are many behind-the-scenes earnings of the CSK business model that you should know in detail, including the following, among others. 

  • Sponsorships are one critical source of income stream for CSK as it is the most popular franchisee than others not only because of cool Dhoni but also as a team throughout India to sell jerseys, bats, and other yellow accessories.
  • Stadium ticket sales are more for CSK than any other IPL team as fans fill them without any vacancy to increase their income.
  • Media rights are another source of revenue as it gets a larger share from the BCCI as more viewers watch the CSK matches, as it plays more than others, and also has a wider fan base. 

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