An Easy Guide To Choose The Right Innerwear

Innerwear is an essential piece of clothing that not only offers support and enhances a look but also helps maintain societal needs of decency. Choosing the right bra or brief requires understanding the size, shape and material. An ill-fitted innerwear can be a hassle and cause unnecessary discomfort and skin problems. 

The Right Type

There are different types of bras and briefs for women available in the market. These come in different shapes and materials to suit different breast and hip sizes and outfit styles. Therefore, it is necessary to understand your needs before shopping for a bra or a brief.

Types of Bras

The common types of bras are:

●      T-shirt Bras:

This is a common type of bra and is good for everyday use. It has light padding and offers good support for standard tasks. These bras are made of light, breathable fabrics and have comfortable straps.

●      Plunge Bras:

A plunge bra has an angled cup and a deep V-neckline. It gives the breasts a larger appearance and is ideal for deep-neck tops and dresses. If you are looking for a good-quality plunge bra, VERO MODA has an extensive collection of premium-material bras.

●      Padded Bras:

These have padding in the cups to provide better support and give the breast area a smooth silhouette. The padding also enhances the shape of the breasts. They are similar to a plunge bra except for the deep neckline.

●      Sports Bras:

A sports bra offers extreme support and is designed for exercises and heavy physical activities. It reduces excessive movement and its resulting neck and shoulder pain.

Types of Underwear

The common types of women’s underwear are listed below.

●      Briefs For Women:

Briefs are the most common and comfortable form of underwear for women. They offer full coverage and are also called granny panties. Briefs are ideal for daily use, and you will find a good collection at VERO MODA at affordable prices.

●      Control Briefs For Women:

These briefs are quite similar to normal briefs for women, except they provide a better silhouette and give the waist a sculpted look.

●      Bikini:

These are a popular option as swimwear and beachwear. They give moderate coverage and are a perfect balance between fashion and comfort.

Choosing the Right Size

The key to having the best support from your innerwear is to choose the right size.

To get your bra size, take a measuring tape and first measure the area just under your breasts and then measure the widest part around your nipples. You can subtract these measurements to get the cup size. If you are choosing a plunge bra, then measure the neck length from the nape to the centre of the breasts.

For briefs, stand straight with your legs together and measure around the widest and narrowest portion of your hips. Most websites will have a size guide you can refer to while buying. Innerwear is supposed to be tight fit, so do not go for bigger sizes.


Choosing the right bra and briefs for women is important for comfort support and an enhanced appearance. Assess your body type, take measurements, and look for patterns that match your outfits.

Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, VERO MODA’s collection of innerwear can improve any look and make you feel confident. Their innerwear is made of excellent-quality fabrics and comes in different styles and sizes to suit every need.

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